Top 4 Free Explainer Video Templates Online To Help You Make Videos Fast

Top 4 Free Explainer Video Templates Online To Help You Make Videos Fast

Achieving high engagement rate is one of the most important goals of any marketer. However, it’s equally one of the hardest goals to achieve. But, there is one tool that can help you achieve higher engagements in the shortest time: explainer videos. Videos are so potent at engaging viewers that if you don’t leverage it in this day and age, you’re losing out big time.  However, making high converting product explainer videos can be a time-consuming and energy-draining task. But with a video template, the task becomes easier. That said; here are 4 free explainer video templates to make your explainer video production easy:

Free app demo explainer video template

This free explainer video template is well-suited for those who want to make videos about their newly developed apps. It’s thirty-four seconds long and lets you export your personalized version of explainer video to YouTube without paying a dime. That is if you didn’t use premium charts and graphics.

Free resume explainer video template

The best explainer video templates out there are cartoon-based. This kind features a cartoon style and is enhanced with texture gradients. The cool thing about this template is that it lets you replace each of its elements in an online platform. You only need to register for free. However, other premium templates will require you to pay to use them.

Business services marketing explainer video template

As the name states, this is a template adapted to those who want to produce explainer videos for marketing their business services. Primarily, they identify customer’s problems and create videos showcasing how their products and services will help them solve those problems. It’s free and can be customized to align with your business needs.

Explainer video templates for real estate investors

As the name suggests, this explainer video template is adapted to real estate investors. It features multiple flat illustrations that are not hard to the eye. The template also features a cartoon character protagonist. If you flash back to when you were young, you know the importance of having a cartoon character in an explainer video, right? It’s 47 minutes in length and doesn’t have an outro. It also doesn’t come with premium graphics. It offers lot of customization options to tweak it to your liking. This is undoubtedly one explainer video template to contemplate.

There is a ton of explainer video templates out there today. And with the video being the most potent marketing tool today, you’ll need these templates to be able to make great videos according to your schedule. Take advantages of the templates highlighted above to save time and energy.

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