4 Smart Ways to make product Explainer Videos on a Shoestring Budget

4 Smart Ways to make product Explainer Videos on a Shoestring Budget

Whether you’re a new startup or an established business, a video should be included in your marketing strategy because it has been proven to engage prospective customers in taking action. However, for the video to engage, it must be well-created. And that means investing in digital photography equipment. While established businesses can afford this kind of equipment, the same cannot be said about new startups. However, if you’re a new startup, don’t worry; there are tips to help you make excellent product explainer videos on a small budget:

1)     Focus on crafting informative content for your explainer videos

If you don’t have a big budget, don’t focus on the video quality. Instead, focus on the content. After all, the main purpose of an explainer video is to educate customers about your product. If your audience is getting value from your content, they may overlook the quality of the video. Of course, your content will be your script. Make it meaty, and creative. If you’re not creative enough, there are numerous expert creative writers out there to leverage.

2)     Understand that explainer videos are needed for any business regardless of the niche

Your business domain will dictate the type of explainer videos you make. For example, if your business sells physical products, you’ll have to make a video showing how the product works. If your business is in the real estate niche, suffice to create a video blog using a webcam. Better still you can set your phone on a tripod. If you have a good grasp of the real estate industry, that will be a plus, as customers will get unique information about the niche and they will hence develop faith in your business.

3)     Confidence is key when shooting your explainer videos

Not everyone has the confidence to face the camera. You might not be a master of your niche, that’s okay. As long as you know more than your target audience, you’re good to start recording videos. Also, when the time comes to record your explainer videos, act naturally. Don’t be scripted as the audience will know and they will tune out right away. They will construe that as lack of in-depth knowledge about the topic.

4)     Use technology at your disposal to make your explainer videos

When just starting out in business, you don’t have the budget to buy an advanced digital camera. So use your Smartphone or webcam to record your videos. Always hold your Smartphone sideways when recording. Also, have an external microphone. The internal microphone on Smartphones, laptops, and desktops tend to pick up a lot of background music.

Well, those are the tips you can use today to make great explainer videos on a shoestring budget. The most important thing when just starting out is the script and sound quality of the video. If those are on point, viewers will still enjoy your videos.

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