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Cape Breton Island Film Series

The Cape Breton Island Film Series operated from January 2003 through December 2013. We had a great run, screening 256 movies in all, including some of the best films of our time.

You can download chronological and alphabetical lists of the films we showed.

There are lots of ways to view motion pictures, but for our money, nothing beats the thrill of a theatre crowded with friends united in anticipation of the great movie they are about to see on a big screen. We got to experience that thrill hundreds of times. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Special thanks to: Linda, Kevin, Robbie, Diane, and the entire staff at Empire Sydney. (I hope Cineplex understands how lucky it is to have inherited this crew.) Co-founder Bill Richards. Indefatigable volunteers Susan and Gerald Taylor, Ronnie Keough, Lynda and Terry Casey, Walter Van Veen and Mary Daly, Wayne Connors. Inspiring friends and dedicated helpers Ashley McKenzie and Nelson MacDonald. Our friend and faithful patron Helen McNeil. The ineffable Peggy MacAdam of the Cape Breton Curiosity Shop. Tom Alexander at Mongrel Media. Dean Leland at Empire HQ. Steve Mills, Sadie Richards, Ellen Gushue, Nicole McNeil, and dozens of others who pulled stints at the ticket table, or ferried prints from the bus terminal to the theatre and back. Season pass-holders, you were the glue that held the series together. Thank you all so much.

To the 1,800 others on this list who attended one movie or hundreds, thank you. I miss you already.

Parker Donham
Cape Breton Island Film Series


How Strollers With Good Features Can Help You

good strollers with features

A stroller with good features, like this joovy scooter x2 double stroller, or this maclaren twin triumph double stroller provides easy maneuvering for rugged grounds. A taller handle is preferable for parents with an extra inch of height. Canopies attached to some of those models provide a shield for your baby from ugly daylight.

Safety is the most significant point in choosing strollers for your baby. Some of the models are manufactured and equipped with a special harnessing feature which effectively secures your baby around his thighs, chest and shoulders providing a secure and safe positioning.

Such type of strollers, like with this schwinn turismo swivel double jogger, or this valco baby tri mode ex twin stroller comes handy when you go for a walk in some street with vehicles. Some parents will prefer baby carriers with tying those around their bodies too.

But consider a place like a shopping mall when you need to bend or tilt every now and then for fetching the goods and products, such movements would never be of any advantage for your baby but rendering solely discomfort.

However, the parents’ lap is the most cosy, soothing and lively place on the face of earth for the baby. Try as much as possible to caress your baby with your affectionate hands by placing them on your lap and keep him close to you as much as you can.

How to Buy a Modern Baby Stroller

baby strollers 2015

Right after losing the baby bumps, most of the modern day parents start conceiving about strollers for their new-borns to steer around with. Strollers are definitely a decent alternative for the parents to go on a short trip or walk around the park along with the infants or visit some shopping malls.

Especially with models like this graco duoglider classic connect stroller, or this graco ready2grow click connect double stroller, parents are totally at peace knowing that their children are fully protected.

The choice upon strollers is the one that needs to be planned out wisely according to your need and most importantly, your baby’s comfort. The neck, the pelvic area and the spinal column of your baby is the most under-developed regions and the correct posture and placing techniques plays a vital role in their development. Laying them in somewhat uneasy and ill-fitting strollers or carriers might hamper these developments.

Strollers, like this inglesina usa twin swift stroller, or this instep safari swivel double jogging stroller come with extra spaces in offer allowing you to place some baby foods or diaper bags or even a jacket holder for your convenience. Some high end strollers come with accessories like a thermometer, digital clocks, pedometer etc.

The strollers should be chosen with enough capacity to bear the weight of your baby. Try choosing the one which provides much durability than any other. Parents who like spending much of the time in outing and hikes may choose the strollers which come with larger wheel size and preferably with some shock absorption adeptness.

The 6 Important Parts of a Good Stroller

a good stroller to buy

Harness: Most of the models do cater this service which secures your baby across his chest, thighs and shoulders of course while you run like a rooster. As you can see in this twin jogging double stroller, or this twin stroller that they’re quite impressive.

Canopy: Try getting a model with an attached canopy to protect your baby from harsh daylight. Some even comes with a bug net and a rain sheet.

Seats: Reclining seats, like in this contours options elite tandem stroller, or this delta children city street side by side stroller provides comfort-ability as you can adjust the position according to your baby’s need.

Taller handle: Parents with few extra inches upon their y-axis can choose a model with either a taller handle or some adjustable handle so they don’t develop a back pain after a longer stroll.

Easy folding: Check for models with easy methods of folding. I can suggest a few of them such as this delta children products city street lx side by side stroller, or this dream on me double twin stroller. Some advanced models even come with a one touch button to meet your need.

The fabric: Check if it’s washable or not. Occasional need to wash the fabric might be required though most of the models provide one.

Lastly, your baby won’t pay much of his time within the expensive stroller you just bought and neither will you want him to. So choosing the best one according to your feasibility based on the aforementioned points would assist you cut the horns of dilemma.

How to Buy Strollers: 2 Important Things

good strollers

Buying a decent stroller, like this amoroso twin double jogging stroller, or this baby jogger city mini twin double stroller for your baby can be quite confusing now days due to so much of varieties being available in the market. Buying the good one solely depends upon the parents’ lifestyle.For example, parents often going for a long walk or jogging needs some larger wheels on the strollers. Whereas parents just visiting the shopping malls may carry on with a traditional stroller with an adjustable front wheel. It solely depends upon the lifestyle and necessity.

The budget: This has to be one important point while buying a stroller like this baby trend expedition double jogging stroller skylar, or this baby trend navigator double jogger stroller vanguard. There are few models which may even cost you more than your first car! But to select an expensive but comfortable model than a cheap uncomfortable one is wiser. The position which the stroller provides to your baby directly effects on his body posture in development especially on his spinal curve.

The mighty wheels: Larger wheels, like in this baby trend sit n stand double stroller elixer, or this britax b-agile double stroller black essentially supports a smoother ride on rugged terrains. While you can opt for smaller variety of those extending up to 12″ for strolling on a smoother surface. The alloy wheel breed is another option if you seek some rust-proof and more stable wheel. The front wheel again is another point of choice as you can choose the swivel variety for use in places like a mall or the fixed one for jogging purpose. Additionally get a stroller with a broader wheel base as this provide a true balance.

Towel Warmers: How to Know if They’re Good

best towel warmers

If you want to know how to pick up the best towel warmers possible, read the following guideline of mine. You might have already known that there are a ton of different brands and models on the market when it comes to towel warmers. But trust me, there are only a small fraction of them that can satisfy your needs and wants. And today, I will show you how to identify them.

The first tip is all about choosing the right types of towel warmers. If you love modern stuff, then these best electric towel warmers might suite you the most. If you and your family own a small spa or salon, then these best hot towel warmer cabinets for spas and salons will be the go-to choices. But don’t worry, you can pick them up even when you don’t have any spa at your house.

Another good tip that I want to share is all about drawing a safe budget line if you really want to bring home the best product for your money. These best bath towel warmers and best wall mounted towel warmers are very good choices indeed. And you can also choose these best small towel warmers if your house is limited in space. They’re all good and have high quality so you can rest assured that they will keep working for a long run.

Shower Heads: How to Know if Yours is Good?

best shower heads

So, you’re thinking about buying a good new shower head? Or do you think you already have the best shower heads in your bathroom already? No matter what your answer is, today, I will show you some really simple tips that you can use to see if the shower heads you’re about to buy or the ones you already had in your home are good ones or not.

First, you need to know that there are certain types of shower heads that are better than others. For example, I can show you the best rain shower heads or the best handheld shower heads right here. There are many reasons why they’re better. But you can rest assured that when you pick them up, you won’t have to worry too much about the time and effort you need to invest to maintain them in good conditions.

Also, if you want a good shower combo, try look for the best dual shower heads on the market. They also offer you some low flow options and high water pressure options. The best low flow shower heads and the best high pressure shower heads are now available on the market. They’re all good. And let me tell you this, if you can spend some more money to bring home the best of the best, then you can easily save tons of money in the long run because you won’t have to spend too much money on maintenance.

How to Know if a Mens Watch is Good

mens watches for guys

The question is, how do you know if the watch you’re going to buy is a good one? Especially when you buy it online, you can’t have any first hand or real life experience with it? The answer is really simple. You can know for sure if you buy the watches from the brands that people love and trust!

First, if you buy your next mens watch from a good brand, you will have your back covered. I’m talking about all the warranty policies, or the exclusive offers that you can have in the future. All these things are not easily obtained if you buy from a second-level brand.

Another reason why you should buy from a good and authoritative watch brand is because their products are often more durable and of higher quality. Yes, you can buy some pretty looking mens watches from other brands. But let’s face it. If the watch can’t stand for a year, then you will have to replace it from time to time which will cost you a lot more money.

And finally, if you really want to impress the people around you, you should consider buying a good mens watch from the brands that people know. That way, they will admire you and your style. But you might ask, what exactly are these brands? Well, take a look at them below:

TAG Heuer

Buying Mens Watches: How to Spend Money Wisely

good watches under $1000

Thinking about buying a good new mens watch? Do you know how much money should you spend in order to pick up a good one? Would a price below $500 be a good one? Truth is, the answer varies greatly. And your job is to pin point on the most valuable mens watches possible for your money. But how? Today, I will share with you some of the most interesting tips on this subject.

The first tip I want to share is to always expect to pay at least $100 in order to have good choices. If you want your next watch to be as durable as possible, you will need to pay even more. Something around $200 would be more desirable. But if you really want some fun out of your watch, then I highly recommend you spend around $300 for your new watch. It’s very worthwhile.

Anther tip that I want you to know is the importance of buying a luxury mens watch. Sure, you will have to pay a lot more. Something around the mark of $1,000 or even higher. But you know what? Oftentimes, the most durable and valuable mens watches are the more expensive ones. And by sticking to the luxury choices, you will have a much more durable watch that you can pass down to your son or even your grandson. Isn’t it a good thing?

How to Buy Good Mens Watches to Gift

good watches you should buy

Have someone that is so special to you?

Want to impress him with a gift?

Then why not try to buy a good new mens watch to give him? I’m sure that your gift will make him feel special and excited! And this is not just applicable to your boyfriend but also your brother, your dad, or anyone important to you.

The first thing I want to share is you should always buy watches from the most reputable of brands.

For example, you can buy new watches from the collections of Fossil, or from the world famous Seiko mens watches, or the Swedish Skagen watches for men. These brands have world class watches. And I’m sure you can find plenty of good deals there.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to always be aware of the budget required to buy the watches.

For example, if you decide to pick up a decent Timex timepiece, then you should expect to pay only around $100 for it. But if you want to take it to the next level and decide to go after a Casio wristwatch instead, then expect to pay at least $200 for a good option.

And finally, if you really want to give away the watch and surprise the person, then you should do it in an unexpected way. There is no surprise in the way you do this. But if you do it to him, I’m sure he will be excited for sure!

Tips to Keep Your Mens Watches Like New After Long Time

good mens watches

Do you have for yourself a good mens watch?

Do you know how you can keep that little thing ticking all year long without having to worry about it broken down?

Truth is, there are many good tips about the topic of mens watch preservation. But there are some that really stand out. And today, I will share with you some really good tips on that subject.

The first tip is that you should always carry a good preservation tool kit with you when your watch needs some fixes. For most of the popular watch brands, their products are quite durable.

That’s why you won’t need to use your tool kit much. And for the popular brands, I can name some of them such as the Swiss made luxury Omega watches, or the world popular TAG Heuer also from Swiss, or the Citizen Eco Drive watch series.

They all have top notch quality mens watches that you can count on.

Another good tip on watch preservation is that you should seek out professionals if your watch is broken beyond your ability to fix it.

This might seem like a common tip.

But after I saw my friend tried to fix his watches, I really think that it’s not that common!

There are watches that you can easily fix them yourself like with the youthful and colorful Bulova watches, or the bulky and manly Invicta watches. They’re not that hard to fix. So you can easily do it yourself.

Finished reading yet?

Now, it’s time to put these into actions. If you own for yourself a good mens watch, then it’s time to watch over it so that you can keep it working for a very long time.