What Is the Best Hosting Provider for My WordPress Website?

There is no denying that WordPress continues to be one of the best website developers around – with a significant proportion of the market share. However, you can have the best platform around, but it’s nothing without the best WordPress web hosting service provider. If you’re ready to set your website up, find out below what WordPress hosting providers could be for you, and what you need to consider.

What to Consider for WordPress Hosting?

If you don’t know what makes the best web hosting service, then it can be a challenge to choose the best. You need to consider four things – their up time, speed, cost, and customer support. The speed, or load time, can be the difference between a customer being frustrated and leaving or going through with a sale. The cost can ensure it’s even worthwhile to use that service for your web hosting, and the up time is crucial for making sure you’re able to keep selling 24/7.


SiteGround is a firm favorite for many people looking for WordPress hosting. You will very rarely have problems with downtime, boasting 99.99 percent uptime, and its load time is also exceptional at 714ms. What’s more, SiteGround offers excellent support when and as you need it, while also servicing over 800,000 domains around the world. If you are in the market for an affordable, fast, and well-supported web hosting service, SiteGround could be it.

Green Geeks

Equally as well-loved as SiteGround for WordPress hosting is Green Geeks. Green Geeks has been providing hosting services for websites since 2008, boasting premium customer service, exceptional uptime, and hosting for close to a quarter of a million sites. What’s more, if speed is important to you, Green Geeks will be a standout player. It is at least 50 percent faster than other web hosting providers.


HostGator is potentially one of the best WordPress Hosting services around, having had plenty of years to perfect the process since 2003. They host over ten million domains, boast impressive uptime of 99.97 percent, and their load time is nothing to scoff at either at 421ms. If you ever have any problems with HostGator for WordPress hosting, which would hardly ever be, the support service is also top-notch.


If you own a small business or you’re a blogger on a budget, then BlueHost may be a WordPress hosting service worth your consideration. Not only does it meet the mark for load time, uptime, and support, but it’s exceptionally affordable as well. There is a range of special packages from which to choose, including receiving a free site builder, free domain, and 24/7 support when you need it. Sealing the deal is the knowledge that this web hosting provider currently hosts over two million websites.

Is your current WordPress hosting provider not good enough for your needs? Or, are you just starting? Consider these options above if you’re looking for a WordPress hosting provider that ticks all the boxes.

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